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Andrew Mercer

UH PhD Student

I am a third-year student at UH born and raised in suburban Chicago. I previously completed my B.A. in Business Management at Hope College as well as a M.A. in Counseling from Loyola University in Chicago. In addition to teaching English in French elementary schools for a year, I have practiced as a therapist at an out-patient counseling center, a live-in therapeutic Life Coach at a collegiate residential program in downtown Chicago, and taught a couple of psychology courses at a local Bible college. I am currently interested in researching health and wellness outcomes in the LGBT and other minority populations and finding ways to help address the disparity in access to care across these populations. While I loved my work as a clinician, I am looking forward to deepening my skills as an educator and researcher throughout my tenure at UH. In my free time I enjoy running, biking, swimming, yoga, taking my adorable dog Franklin for a walk, trying out a new recipe and laughing with friends.

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