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Chérie Moody

McGill PhD Student

Chérie Moody completed her B.A. in Psychology at Concordia University in 2006. After working as a full-time research assistant for the McGill Group for Suicide Studies (associated with the Douglas Institute Research Centre), Chérie decided to pursue a graduate degree in Counselling Psychology. She completed her MA in 2011 and is currently in the second year of her PhD, both at McGill University under the supervision of Dr. Nathan Smith. Her MA research project focused on identifying suicide protective factors among trans adults and her general research interests include minority stress as it pertains to sexual and gender minorities, as well as suicidality, resilience, and coping in LGBTTIQQ2S communities. Chérie is also currently coordinating Project PRIDE (Promoting Resilience in Discriminatory Environments), a sex-positive sexual health program for young gay/bi/queer/same gender loving men.

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